Visions and Values

Our School Rules

We are Ready

We are Respectful

We are Safe


Our Vision

Our adults work hard to make sure the children make friends, learn and have fun. Our motto is ‘Ladycross: A Learning Zone’. Ladycross is all about learning, whether you are a child, adult or visitor. We also pride ourselves on being a ‘thinking school‘. Great emphasis is placed on applying the learning from lessons to situations outside of the lesson environment. We explain, apply, analyse, synthesise and evaluate, solving problems and investigating hypotheses across the curriculum using core skills. 

Our Values

At Ladycross we work within our school values of:

compassion, co-operation, resilience, inspiration, kindness, thoughtfulness, hope, courage, patience, responsibility, honesty, trust, resourcefulness, communication, respect, loyalty and understanding.

The children and adults share our values in assemblies and life around school. We work within the values and ethos of UNICEF’s Rights of the Child.

The key provisions are: 

The right to have a childhood, including protection from harm

The right to be educated, including all girls and boys

The right to be healthy, including having clean water, nutritious food and medical care

The right to be treated fairly including changing laws and practices that discriminate

The right to be heard including considering children’s views.  

Ladycross is fortunate to have two co-head teachers that share the role of the headteacher. Mr Hooley and Mr Hunt run the school together. The leadership team also consists of Miss Griffin, senior teacher, Mrs Robertson the Special Needs and Pupil Premium Coordinator, and Mrs Riley the Early Years Coordinator and Mr Hancock the English Coordinator and Sports Coordinator. If you contact Ladycross, then you will speak to someone in the school office, either Mrs Mawer, the School Business Officer or one of her team. Our Safeguarding team consists of Mr Hooley, Mr Hunt, Miss Jenkins and Paul Randall, a governor. It is of course everyone’s responsibility within our school to follow safeguarding procedures to keep our children safe as part of daily life. If you have concerns about the safety and well-being of a child, the number you need is Call Derbyshire 01629 533190