Neil Hunt - Teaching School Director

Ladycross Infant School

Victoria Road

Sandiacre, Nottingham

NG10 5JD

For further information regarding the Teaching School Alliance,
please contact Mary Shishefar, Business Development Manager
Tel: 01159 397379  Email:

School-To-School Support

In our alliance we have Local Leaders of Education (LLEs), who all work in Outstanding or Good schools and are deployed to provide support to other schools across Derbyshire. In addition, we have a large team of designated Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs), who are all outstanding practitioners who work in conjunction with the LLEs to provide support in their specialist subject area.

Please contact Mary Shishefar if you would like to engage with any of our system leaders:



Local Leaders of Education

Angela Clarke

Jo Sadler

Catherine Robinson

Alison Wain

Rebecca King

Susan Chapman (also an accredited Pupil Premium Reviewer)

Karen Puszczynska

Kevan Lomas

Philip Searson

Jane Whirledge

Mell Julian (also an accredited Pupil Premium Reviewer)



Specialist Leaders of Education

Darren Hooley – Assessment, curriculum leadership, ITT, NQT

Beth Johnston – Assessment, closing the gap, English, SEN

Sarah Lockwood - Early Years

Charlotte Ford - Maths, art, D&T

Lucy Siddal - English, ITT, NQT, phonics, art

Kate Clampin – Closing the gap, English, ITT, NQT, supporting most able pupils

Nicky Quinn – Assessment, Early Years, CPD

Laura Cormack - ICT, ITT, NQT

Katrina Riley – Assessment, closing the gap, CPD, Early Years

Charlotte Bilsborrow - Curriculum leadership, maths

Ceri Pratt - Early Years, ITT, NQT, phonics, SEN

Lisa Maybury – Assessment, curriculum leadership, Early Years

Emma Wright - Early Years, ITT, NQT, phonics, SEN

Melanie Parker – Closing the gap, English, ITT, NQT

Emma Hillier – Assessment, Early Years, phonics

Julia Hart – Attendance, behaviour & discipline, CPD curriculum leadership, English, ITT, NQT, PHSE

Zara Scott – Assessment, closing the gap, curriculum leadership, Early Years, ITT, NQT, SEN, most able

Nikki Deakin – Curriculum leadership, Early Years, ITT, NQT, PE, most able

Claire Reader – Assessment, CPD, curriculum leadership, closing the gap, maths

Sarah Palmer - Maths

Faith Dyer – PE, English, ITT, leadership of curriculum, CPD



We can offer a full Pupil Premium review in your school setting. For further information, please view our flyer.