Get Involved

There are lots of ways of getting involved in the life of Ladycross. Children can take on jobs and roles of responsibility.

Travel smart champion

Everyone can be a travel smart champion by walking, scooting or cycling to school. This also helps you to keep fit, as well as reducing traffic jams and pollution. If you arrive by car, remind the driver to park away from school and walk the last part of your journey. Maybe you could also give a lift to someone else or even try travelling on the bus.

Class Leader

You must be sensible and know how to walk around school quietly. You need to ask others to walk and say “please walk around school,” if you see anyone running. You also need to know your way around school.


Energy Saver

Can you remember to close doors, turn taps off and switch lights off to save energy? This could be the job for you!


Play Leader

You must be trained up to help other children play games at play times. You need to wear a uniform and keep the games equipment tidy.


Young Ambassador

Young ambassadors know all about the Olympic values, and show others how to follow them by leading by example. You also might need to visit other schools to talk about what we do at Ladycross.


Playground Buddy

Playground buddies are trained up to help other children at play time who may not have a friend to play with. You must keep your eye on the buddy bench to see if anyone is sitting on it, as you may need to go and find out what the problem is and help them.


Book shop assistants

Book shop assistants work every Wednesday morning in the corridor, helping to sell books. It is important that you know how to add up money and also give change. A customer might ask you if you know of a good book they might be able to buy.


Pupil Parliament

School council members are voted on by their class. You must help to make Ladycross an even better school. It is important that you can think of new ideas and talk in front of others.

Ladycross has a school council, made up of 10 children, 2 from each class. They meet regularly and decide on important things that happen in school. The school council has held a raffle to raise money for our sponsored child in Africa, spent money on playground toys to make playtimes better, and have had push taps fitted to the sinks in a bid to stop water wastage. They devised and carried out a survey on what the children liked best about school, as well as things that were not so popular so that we could do something about them. The school council are currently designing and choosing how the new toilets will look when they are refurbished. They have voted on popular themes and will be choosing colours and items to decorate them with.