Home Learning

Year 1 and 2 Home learning Term 6

See below for Year 1 Maths worksheets 6.7.20 and 13.7.20

See below for Maths worksheets w/b 29th June

See below for Maths worksheets w/b/22nd June

See below for maths worksheets w/b 15th June

See below for maths worksheets w/b 8th June

Early years home learning Term 6

See below for Maths worksheets w/b 1st June

Year 1 and 2 Home learning Term 5

Early years home learning Term 5

School staff have been working hard to send home learning packs to families. These packs will include a variety of activities for the family to take part in. Any pupils who have been absent will be sent these home learning packs by post. Hopefully all pupils have now received their packs to get them started on their home learning.

In addition to these packs we would highly recommend that as a family you spend time talking, laughing, sharing stories, building, painting, being messy, getting some exercise and looking after the well-being of each other. It is important to find a balance between the formal work we send home and looking after the emotional well-being of your family. There is much to be gained from listening to a story, talking about it and then making a model inspired by it, or watching a story, chatting about what happened and then creating a piece of art from it. Postcards and letters inspired by film characters are also great ways to get children writing about things that excite them.

Below is a more comprehensive Home Learning resource document that lists lots of goods sources of information and ideas. It also has a helpful timetable from school if you would like to structure your day.

We can also recommend the following websites that are either free or offering free access to parents during this time. There is a whole range of different activities from reading, writing and maths, to Yoga, PE and other areas of the curriculum.

Many Thanks

Darren Hooley

Phonics Play

Phonics play is a brilliant website with lots of interactive games for children to practise their phonics and reading. Details above on how to access the website.

Purple mash

We use purple mash in school to teach computing skills along with a variety of other topic areas. Children have their own login for this, it is usually stuck inside the cover of their reading record. Check old records if not. If they no longer have this login then do let us know. Feel free to use the activities available here. 2DIY is a personal favourite. Staff members may also set work here for pupils to complete.

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl have a range of books and other great reading resources to use for short activities. If you have a limited number of books and want to read something different then please do use this website to increase your reading pleasure!

Walker Books on YouTube

Walker books have a good back catalogue of their books available online to watch. They are a good source of inspiration for discussion, artwork, writing etc. We would recommend that one is watched and then some activities done around this story.

100 things to do indoors ideas: a leaflet with some great ideas for activities to do together indoors.


A huge range of different subjects, arguably the best host of any resource you could need. Now also hosts CBeebies’ Go Jetters educational videos.


Audible are allowing some of their stories to be streamed free of charge during the school closures. This will be a source of high quality stories.