School Meals


Ladycross have set up a partnership with Aspens to ensure a fantastic school meal menu. We wanted to make lunchtimes a really important part of the day. Children can socialise and chat to friends and staff over a meal and develop social skills and speaking and listening skills. We introduced proper cutlery, plates and a  brand new refurbished kitchen. We have a salad bar to choose from and a special dessert trolley. We want to make meal times a special part of the day. Aspens have been excellent in their support of our lunchtimes. They have supplied pizzas for an after school disco, and when it’s Chinese New Year, we have had a chef come to cook Chinese food  with the children in the hall! They even decorated the hall up and supplied Chinese clothes and hats to wear.

All of this helps our children to learn about different types of food and where it comes from, but also about different cultures and their customs and how food is an important part of this.  

Click here, and this will take you to the menu that has been especially designed for us at Ladycross. The menu will change every term so the children will be eating food that is in season. It will be fresh high quality food cooked in our kitchen.

Aspens have many awards including;

- The Good Egg Award

- The British Hen Welfare Trust

- Food for Life Catering Gold Award