Policies & Reports

School Policies and Reports

School systems and process updates:

Please note that school expects parents and guardians to contact school by 9:00 am if your child will not be attending that day. Should your child be absent without notification, school will send a reminder text and attempt to speak with you. If this is unsuccessful, school will then try the remaining emergency contacts provided. 

If we cannot make contact by any of these methods, as part of our duty of care to our pupils, we may visit the child’s home address. 


The following policies have been approved by the Governing Body.

Attendance Policy

Attendance policy statement and related Leave of Absence request form.

Confidential Reporting Code

Anti Bullying Policy

Sex and Relationship policy

Behaviour Policy

Child Protection and Safeguarding policy

School Admissions policy

Special Educational Needs and Disability policy

Charging and Remissions Policy

Complaints Procedure



SEND Information Report December 2017

If you would like a paper copy of any of the above documents, one can be provided free of charge upon a written request being given to the school office.