School Strategic Vision

The staff, governing body and children believe that all children at Ladycross should:

  1. celebrate the diversity of cultures in our community and beyond.
  2. have a strong sense of self-expression and identity.
  3. have an understanding of the world and their place in it.
  4. be part of a society that is compassionate and caring.
  5. be prepared for life in modern Britain and the wider world.


We will do this by nurturing values of compassion, co-operation, resilience, inspiration, kindness, thoughtfulness, hope, courage, patience, responsibility, honesty, trust, resourcefulness, communication, respect, loyalty and understanding.

We also promote the values and ethos of UNICEF’s Rights of the Child.

  • The right to have a childhood, including protection from harm
  • The right to be educated, including all girls and boys
  • The right to be healthy, including having clean water, nutritious food and medical care
  • The right to be treated fairly including changing laws and practices that discriminate
  • The right to be heard including considering children’s views.  


At Ladycross, we have developed our curriculum to promote our core values. The curriculum ensures that:

  • The Ethos and Vision support all children and families in an inclusive atmosphere.
  • We remove barriers to learning so that all children can succeed.
  • Every Child Matters is embedded throughout school.
  • Health and personal education is reinforced through sustainable travel initiatives, healthy eating week, environmental workers, and health professionals.
  • Books, jigsaws, poster and other school resources show diversity, cultures, beliefs and religions in a positive way.
  • The Teaching and Learning policy upholds the 7 protected characteristics of discrimination


Throughout their school journey we celebrate our central values with activities to engage all learners.


In the Early Years Foundation stage

  • Images around school show diversity and tackle stereotypes
  • School sponsorship of a child in Africa, tiger in India, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust
  • A ‘Festivals’ topic is planned
  • Chinese New Year activities including food, stories and music
  • Multi-cultural clothes and stories
  • ‘You and Me’ topic about diversity
  • Visit to the Chapel and meeting the workers
  • Learning about Christianity – Christenings, Weddings and Festivals
  • African music activities
  • Stories from other cultures
  • Learning about Diwali


In Years 1 and 2

  • China, Kenya and India topics in classroom were linked to school dinners and music activities such as African drumming workshops.
  • Studying Christianity and its rites and festivals including weddings and christenings, and visits to the parish church as a place of worship.
  • Learning about Judaism and its beliefs and practices.
  • Learning about how people make choices based on their faith – Ghandi, Mother Theresa
  • Studying Hinduism included visiting a Hindu Mandir, sweet tasting, wedding ceremony, diva lamps, rangoli patters and mendhi.
  • Creation stories from other faiths
  • Learning about our country and capital city, the Great Fire of London, national landmarks, great Britons, Queen Elizabeth I and II, Boudicca.
  • Learning about childhood in “Erewash of old” with Ethel Swann, a local resident.
  • Being part of the local community has included activities such as a ‘Singing Cafe’ in Year 2 for families, the School Choir visiting a residential care home to perform and meet residents, and a summer concert for parents and families.
  • Discussing “Philosophy for Children”, discrimination and rights.
  • Creating a display of children’s “big questions” and answers.


Ladycross experiences!

We also have a school wide list of the 50 experiences we want our children to have before they leave to promote character building, and enable the children to see our values in a visible and experiential way, and begin to understand their local area and heritage, and the wider world. We begin with the children’s world and experiences and grow outwards.  

  1. Visit a Hindu temple
  2. Build a model of a London landmark as a team
  3. Go to Sherwood Forest and act out Robin Hood’s story
  4. Debate how people’s beliefs have influenced the choices they made
  5. Explore an Edwardian Seaside
  6. Take part in P4C
  7. Play African drums
  8. Cook an authentic Chinese meal
  9. Visit a cathedral
  10. Visit Nottingham Castle and the Goose Fair
  11. Star in a show
  12. Pond dip for creatures
  13. Sing in a foreign language
  14. Dress as an Evacuee for a day
  15. Take part in Kenya day and make a necklace
  16. Sponsor and write to an African child
  17. Make a Christingle and turn the lights out
  18. Perch an owl on your hand
  19. Play a competitive sport
  20. Enter a writers competition
  21. Read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  22. Work with an artist
  23. Put on a street party
  24. Watch chicks hatch
  25. Hold a giant mini beast
  26. Have an election
  27. Teach someone else something new
  28. Sing in a choir
  29. Stroke a Christmas reindeer
  30. Look after a pet
  31. Build a den outdoors
  32. Be a story book character for the day
  33. Dig a huge hole
  34. Paint an artwork on a canvas
  35. Read the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
  36. Play with Victorian toys
  37. Raise money for a charity
  38. Act out the events in the life of a Great Briton
  39. See a show at the theatre
  40. Build a sculpture
  41. Climb through a tyre tunnel
  42. Raise butterflies and set them free
  43. Be a super hero for the day
  44. Hold a starfish
  45. Visit the residential home
  46. Stay away from home for a night
  47. Cook Indian food
  48. See a pantomime
  49. Hold a singing café
  50. Hold a wedding